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  1. Mac Creative

    by Simon Thomson (Digisim) joined

    14.8K Videos / 3,907 Members

    This group is for all those people who use Apple Macs to create their work. Whether you earn a living from it or are just a hobbyist we want to see what you can do with the power of a Mac. From iLife…

  2. Cinematography

    by Matt Daniels joined

    4,579 Videos / 1,028 Members

    Hi, This is a group for those who want to call attention to amazing cinematography.

  3. Mac Users

    by FFDC :: Jeffrey Holland joined

    27.7K Videos / 7,190 Members

    A group for all mac users and those who edit video using a mac.

  4. WebSeries

    by Absolution The Series joined

    4,553 Videos / 1,129 Members

    Online narratives unite! This group is for those who are involved in creating or watching episodic web content. Share your trailers and episodes and help get the message out about your show!

  5. Phoenix, Arizona

    by Integrum Technologies joined

    497 Videos / 60 Members

    A little corner of Vimeo for any persons associated with the Phoenix-Metropolitan area of Arizona.

  6. Vimeo Weekend Challenge

    by Cameron Christopher joined

    6,640 Videos / 24.5K Members

    Want to participate in our weekly Challenges? Join the Group to receive messages and new Challenges! Only add relevant videos, please.

  7. HD Documentary

    by Nick Anderson joined

    1,393 Videos / 591 Members

    Bringing you documentaries in all their glory, visually.


    by Maarten Toner joined

    510 Videos / 5,185 Members

    Welcome to the original Do It Yourself Film Tool group. We are trying to collect as many practical tips, filmtool ideas and "build your own" videos as possible. From 3D setups, dolly…

  9. 5 Vignettes

    by Blake Whitman joined

    2,758 Videos / 3,591 Members

    A variety of the '5 Vignettes' videos by the users of Vimeo. 5 short, 5 second clips -- no music -- and try not to use clips you've used before :) tag with: '5 Vignettes'…

  10. iPhone 3G S

    by Josh Helfferich joined

    160 Videos / 114 Members

    For all owners / prospective owners of the new video-capable iPhone 3G S!

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