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Originally from Athens Greece, living the past 10 years in the UK. In 1991 I studied photography Art & design in Athens with one of my favourite shooting canvasses being the Anafiotika in Plaka.
Along with photography I am also in love with amateur cinematography.


  1. Focus Forward Films
  3. Dimitris Papaioannou
  4. Monsieur Minimal
  5. Nicholas Dimitropoulos
  6. Yiannis Vakrinos
  7. Röyksopp
  8. Moby
  9. The Knife
  10. Fever Ray
  11. HellenicNavy
  12. Anemon
  13. olga tzimou
  14. Yiannis Biliris
  15. Metric
  16. Alexandros Maragos
  17. MyAegean
  18. μικροπόλεις

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