Grant Franck

Johannesburg South Africa

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Who we are
Quite Franckly is a digital post-production house that consistently delivers the goods - the lovely, conceptual, relevant, deliciously realistic yet fantastical, high-end digital goods.
With the involvement of creative directors, artists and designers projects are taken from inception to completion. To put it in perspective, some people have made a cake from scratch - we’ve made a cake from let’s plant some wheat and model a chicken.
Leading the team into the unknown is Executive Creative Director Grant Franck. He has a background in fine arts, design and animation. He’s worked at major production companies producing award winning work and he doesn’t always brush his hair.
What we make
In today’s production pipeline you need a team of exceptional people that are real, resourceful, reliable and able to take projects to the next level. Quite Franckly achieve this by producing well crafted animation, television commercials, promos, TV idents, VFX and online content.
What we use
A passion for accuracy and an obsession for efficiency is at the core of Quite Franckly’s DNA. We collaborate with expert creative talent specifically suited to a project’s needs and utilise the very best tools to get the job done. Award winning designers, editors, photographers, illustrators, directors and VFX artists are just some of the wonderful creatures we call upon. 


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