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Atlanta, GA

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Ambient brings you the best of both worlds - without the high price tag. Designed by a photographer. With 10,000 square feet of hardwood flooring. A massive cyc wall. Roll-in access. Open 7 days a week. Day and night. Perfect for events. Shoots. Concerts. You name it. This is where it's at.

With daylight flooding in through the large windows that line its south- and west-facing walls, Ambient Plus Studio brings the light, airy feel of a West Coast studio space to Atlanta for the very first time. Yet, with its distressed hardwood floors, exposed brick walls, and industrial overtones, it also offers the urban, gritty feel of a SoHo loft studio. That's why it has quickly become a favorite new discovery for national artists such as Ludacris and Mastadon, major publications like Veranda, corporations such as Kia Motors, and top local photographers.

Ambient Plus offers everything you would expect from a top notch studio: a massive cyc wall, easy roll-in access, a full kitchen, make-up rooms with showers, and a variety of services. But what really sets it apart is the unique character and feel of this 100-year-old industrial loft space. With a rooftop opening that allows you to shoot straight down into the studio and an antique elevator shaft with a skylight, this space enables you to get one-of-a-kind shots that simply can't be created in other studios.

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