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Hello, my name is J-P and I'm currently working for Princess Cruises as a video producer. I basically travel the world and get paid to film some of the most beautiful places on earth! I really love my job.

Here's some of my work that I want to share with you. Enjoy!


  2. Bix Production
  3. Princess Cruises Media
  4. Stephen Kadlec
  5. Occupons / Occupy Montréal
  6. Zacuto
  7. Vincent Laforet
  8. Tom Lowe
  9. Philip Bloom
  10. Sharyn Umaña-Angers

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  1. What camera and setting did you use to capture this?​
  2. Nice work! Which part of the wall was this? I've also been to the Chinese Wall (Mutianyu Great Wall), but it was different from this wall.