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Claudia Medina is filmmaker, writer, and educator. She has worked alongside a number of respected Canadian filmmakers as an editor, production coordinator, field producer and shooter on a variety of documentary film projects. She has written, produced and directed her own short films which have been exhibited at festivals worlwide. She also develops and implements curriculum for workshops that combine community development and conflict resolution through filmmaking to diverse groups nationally and internationally. Claudia is completing a masters in Visual Culture from the University of Barcelona. She has just completed the production of her latest fiction film, "Animal Blessings" in the Friuli region of Italy and is set to complete post production by summer of 2010.

Leah Temper is a writer, filmmaker and ecological economist. She teaches Economic History and Natural Resource Economics at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She is  one of the coordinators of the CEECEC project, Civil Society Engagement with Ecological Economics (ceecec.net) that aims to make ecological economics accessible to NGOs and the general public. As a journalist she has written about environmental and economic issues in the International Herald Tribune and Le Monde Diplomatique, among other publications, and has worked on a wide range of social documentary video projects.

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