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  1. Kinetic Energy Productions

    Kinetic Energy Productions Plus Spokane, WA


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    Kinetic Energy Productions is an Emmy Award winning production company that offers film production, VFX, and photography, all under one roof. Based out of Spokane, WA, Kinetic Energy brings technical mastery and refined story-telling together to create unique, one of a kind projects.

  2. Seinfeld2000

    Seinfeld2000 Jerys apertment


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    For sure- basicaly my twetes imagen what 'Seinfeld' would be like if it still on TV in the modarn day, ie. What if Uncle Leo acuse woman on phone from Apple Care Custemer Service of being anti semite? http://www.twitter.com/seinfeld2000 Sory abt my spelling, i know its not perfect but im…

  3. Andrew Zahler

    Andrew Zahler Spokane


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    I like movies.

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