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Milano, Italy

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This Is So Contemporary! born in November 2008 under the guise of a blog with it's first interview to the american artist Gary Baseman (since that day Daniela Petkovic interviewed more than 30 talented artists).

From the very beginning the blog distinguished itself for the interests in promoting high quality art through interviews and virtual events like "UDRAWIT 2010 COMPETITION".

In 2009 the blog became a page on facebook.
This page now counts more than 12,300 followers and it's managed by 28 contributors who daily update it.
Many artists are joining it and opening their own virtual gallery.

Interviews | featured artists:
Gary Baseman | LIISA | Emile Morel | Carrie Ann Baade | Luke Chueh | Raudiel Sañudo | Mike Egan | Bjorn Calleja | Brandi Milne | Gabriel Shaffer | Matteo Maculotti | Dan May | Chris Brett | Christopher Umana | Spencer Drate | Brian M. Viveros | Francesco Lo Castro | Ron English | Yudi Suhairi | Jessica Simanowski | Sam Beetham | Paolo Petrangeli | Dewey Thang Nguyen | Colin Christian | Jason Levesque | Raffaele Bafefit Iodice | Edwin Ushiro | Michele Guidarini | Phil L'animal | Corine Perier | Duilio Scalici | Emmanuel Lafont | Luca Lisci | Aranud Pagès | Guim Tió | Marco Mazzoni | Paolo Guido

Here is the link to the page:

We share a lot of videos from Vimeo every day.

If you're interested in sharing your videos with us, please contact me at tisconnect@gmail.com

Our Google+:

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  1. Sweet! Shared on TISCO: http://www.facebook.com/pages/THIS-IS-SO-CONTEMPORARY/89359248691 Cheers, Daniela Petkovic Owner & Founder of TISCO.