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North East England

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Having graduated from Northumbria University in 2005 with a BA(Hons) degree in Media Production, I have worked freelance ever since, working on a diverse range of professional projects, including advertisements, corporate and factual videos, drama projects, short films and feature film productions, taking on a number of different roles which covers the full spectrum of the film production process.

Since 2006, as Mainstream Film and Media, I have been working as Producer, Camera Operator and Editor, to produce high quality films for both the private and public sectors, which has seen our clients use our films to launch and promote new products and services, capture events, inform their audience of new developments in their business, train staff and enhance their company profile. Our ethos, is to provide a complete script to screen video production service, incorporating the latest advancements in digital technology and professional expertise, to deliver a tailor made broadcast quality product.

Personal specialties.
Documentary filmmaking
Producer of Corporate promotional films
Producer of Community based film projects
Camera Operator
Editor (AVID)
Film Production Crew -(1st & 3rd Assistant Director)

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