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Stefan Rusconi, Fabian Gisler, and Claudio Strueby are the three acclaimed and adroit musicians who make up RUSCONI. The dynamics of their close friendship, passion for music and curiosity in the world around them, have generated a harmonious and continually inventive sound. They came together as a band seven years ago and have already played over 250 concerts in Europe and Asia, performing not only at jazz festivals but also at a number of independent clubs, connecting them with a wider, more eclectic audience.

RUSCONI’s unconventional combination of instruments, voices and instrumental preparation make them a band full of surprises. Their live appearances, in which they aim to create powerful, yet distinguished, soundscapes, are a unique and inspiring experience and have won them the Echo Award for Live Act of the Year (2013).

Whilst ‘sound’ is the core focus of their creative work, Rusconi have developed an eloquent imagination for the visualization of their music: videos, photographs and artwork for print and digital media. Their artistic sensibility has been recognised by others and resulted in collaborations with renowned artists, such as Pipilotti Rist, Diana Scheunemann, and the collective “Zweihundfilm”.

In order to adapt to the changing musical environment of this digital era, RUSCONI have decided to retain their independence. This enables them to be more fluid in their creative drives and build a more direct relationship with their growing community of fans. Their self-developed “manifesto” is the result of a critically engaged discussion about the definition of today’s music industry and the abundance of digital distribution channels.

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