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Shannon Loeber and Mary Edwards are life long friends; they are the creators of Wisewoman's Cookery and founders of Shannamar Publishing House Inc. They are photographers, writers, artists, film makers, cooks and gardeners who share a love of food, a passion for history and embrace a lifestyle full of happiness and romance. Their appreciation of life inspired them to write and self-publish their book, "Wisewoman's Cookery ~ Food, Sex, Magic & Merriment".

Out of this exceptional book, their travels, and their knowledge of life and lore, 'Wisewoman's Cookery" was forged - encouraging self-indulgent pleasure seeking with food and visual delights. This YouTube channel is an extension to the book. Shannon & Mary are dedicated to creating vignettes that bring the pages of the book to life. Welcome to our Channel. We hope that through our teachings of food, sex and merriment, we can create a passionate community of curious people who are always looking for ways to enhance their lives!

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