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I hold a Master's (Pro) degree in Multimedia from the University of Rennes 2 France, and I am currently doing a research in the field of Hypermedia and exploitation of cultural heritage at the University of Limoges.

I have always been fascinated by Aesthetics in visual arts as in photography, graphism, history of art and museums, with ten years of experience in the field of Visual Communication and Advertising in Lebanon and GCC countries (Gulf Cooperation Council), such as Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates.

I would like today to find new opportunities as a cultural mediator in museums and cultural institutions.

My professional background focuses on four criteria: cultural mediation, cultural diversity, art direction, expertise and technology.

• generate, transmit and communicate a range of cultural activities.
• implement mediation actions, forging links between works of art and the public.
• Analysis attendance in cultural spaces.
• Design, manufacture and distribute communicational and promotional content across multiple media (press, press, internet), organize and promote activities of cultural mediation.
• Reception Missions: information point, reception of disabled people, auditorium reception, reception workshops for children.

I am personable, adventurous and excited by a challenge. My creative style, evolved through years of working in advertising and communications, is best described as insightful, ironic and avant-garde. Professionally, I have maintained a strong involvement with the advertising industry and the ever changing art scene. My ability to anticipate changes in the global cultural melting-pot, coupled with a strong background in various business environments, assists me to use my design skills to the best advantage of clients in creating solutions to meet their need to not only reach their target audience but expand their business as well. I am skilled in understanding the client’s mandate and work well within the restrictions of strict deadlines. As a skilled team leader, I have the ability to harness the varied talents within the team dynamic and utilize them to the best advantage of the client. My core values within the work place are those of transparency and reliability.

• Participated in brainstorming sessions in response to client meetings.
• Developed innovative concepts from corporate identity to online networking communication media.
• Created promotional concepts for the launch of new products.
• Initiated and oversaw production and the completion of jobs.
• Implemented growth by ensuring relevancy, combining sophisticated aesthetics with an adherence to brand identity and insisting on quality.
• Executed and managed presentations to clients, including meeting logistics.
• Managed project budgets and all aspects of production.

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