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Mills Miller Media, LLC was founded by Ian Miller, in order to give companies that full service interactive media service that they deserve. Ian Miller came up the ranks starting at Partizan, New York working with great directors such as Phillip Andelman and Michel Gondry. Now with the ever changing market with music downloads and video viral sites companies need a fast and efficient way market themselves while still maintaining that high quality service of integrity they need to compete with this fast paced market.

Our goal is to to give our client the “best quality for the best price.” Due to the fact that most budgets have depleted over the last few years many production houses find it more difficult to do a lot for a little. That is where Mills Miller Media thrives taking on those projects that most pass on and still creating the best video possible making it slick and sleek as if cost ten times more.

Mills Miller Media caters to the clients needs to make the most of every project, whether the budget big or small all the way from pre-production to post cutting rates considerably. Giving our clients the “best quality, for the best price.”

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