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Christian Cooks was born in Cleveland, OH on January 11th into a loving family who brought her up to believe that with the help and guidance of God, anything could be accomplished. With these words close to her heart, she has achieved many goals and dreams in her short years.

After graduating from a private high school, Christian got accepted into a private university located in Chicago, IL. After studying Journalism for two years, she then realized that her true passion lied in the film industry. With nothing but her faith, dreams and a small suitcase, she ventured off to California in hopes to pursue a career as an actress/filmmaker.

During the course of her first year in Los Angeles, Christian has performed in many independent films and national commercials. Her first short film entitled, Positive, which she not only starred in but also wrote, directed and produced has been honored at the LA Shorts Fest in July 2010 as well as many other film festivals across the United States.

Christian is currently enrolled in school and will be receiving an Associate’s Degree in Film and Cinema Production in May 2011 and will then go on to work on her Bachelors’. In the meantime, she continues to write and direct for the screen as well as act in various films and theater productions all over the Los Angeles area.

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