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  1. Samyang Fisheye

    by Guy Longbottom joined

    22 Videos / 26 Members

    For all those who film with the Samyang/Rokinon/Bower 8mm and 7.5mm fisheyes,all models welcome Canon,Nikon, Panasonic etc.A place to share videos and tips on using this lens.

  2. Amazing Canon 60D

    by John Gibbons joined

    773 Videos / 249 Members

    Everything and anything created with a Canon EOS 60D! A tribute to this amazing camera.

  3. Lensbaby Videos

    by John Biehler joined

    203 Videos / 141 Members

    Videos shot using a Lensbaby (any kind).

  4. CANON EOS 60D

    by Canon EOS 60D joined

    13.6K Videos / 4,141 Members

    Enjoy the videos captured with Canon EOS 60D. Also visit the Canon EOS 60D Channel at: www.vimeo.com/channels/Canon60D

  5. Digital Harinezumi Users Unite!

    by emma h joined

    1,310 Videos / 1,102 Members

    For those special few that use and adore Harinezumis. The camera that films reality just as we remember it from our childhood memories. The best thing yet to happen to faux retro camera hipsterism.

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