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Yemenwed is a collaborative project series, which brings together an expansive cast of artists from varied disciplines. Through video, performance, sculpture, and musical instrumentation, Yemenwed explores abstracted concepts of displacement and detachment, fluid identity, domesticity, and the peripheral. Each project provides an aperture to an expanding visual language of icons, objects, characters, and architecture.

Yemenwed has participated in exhibitions and performances at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, Performa 09, Fake Estate Gallery, 179 Canal, John Connelly Presents, and Gavin Brown's Passerby. Yemenwed's publications have been distributed by Ooga Booga (Los Angeles),
Printed Matter (New York), Quimby's (Chicago), United Bamboo (Tokyo), and Midway Contemporary Art (Minnesota). Yemenwed has been featured in publications, and online, by Interview Magazine, New York Magazine, Rhizome, and K48, among others.