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Tel Aviv, Israel

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Dana Dayan post production talent agency is a boutique Creative company representing high end, creative post production talent.

Our creative agency includes editors, 2d and 3d animators, graphics designers, motion graphics animators, visual effects artists and compositor, artist, post supervisors and more.

These talented artist work in a wide range of media, from feature films and tv channels branding packing to commercials, music videos, web design and non broadcast corporate and industrial work.


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  2. lior ben horin
  3. Reut Pardo
  4. Tomer Bahat
  5. Oded Farber
  6. Kaufman media productions LTD.
  7. Alteroy
  8. Eran Stern
  9. Alex Orrelle
  10. Yoni Mordechay
  11. Gili Comforty
  12. Ariel
  13. Broadcast Media
  14. Yossi Jimmy
  15. Amit Zinman
  16. saar galon
  17. Matan Arbel
  18. alon meshi

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