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The London-based film director, Werner Schumann has a multicultural background: The family of his father is German and his mother is Italian-Brazilian.He studied photography, scriptwriting, editing and film production. Schumann started his career directing experimental short films in super 8 in Brazil where he grew up. He directed "Pioneers of Cinema" (1995) for TV (winner of Golden Tatu as "Best Fiction" at XXI International Bahia Film Festival) and experimental short films like "Birth Labor", "Volk!" and "O Poeta e a Rainha", screened at Oberhausen Film Festival (Germany). In 2001, he co-produced and co-directed the low budget romantic comedy "Where the Poets Die First", screened in several film festivals. In 2009 he released with the support of TVE - Spanish Television, the feature drama "Sun in the Mist", winner of the TVE Awards (Cine en Construccion 12) at San Sebastian International Film Festival (Spain). In 2010 he released the experimental black and white drama "O Coro", premiered at the prestigious Mar del Plata Film Festival. In 2011 Schumann won the "Best Director" Award for his feature film "O Coro" at the 21st Ibero-American Cine Ceara Film Festival in Brazil.
In 2013 he directed the international feature “Absolution” (2013) a German-UK co-production with a cast of English, American, Turkish, German and Russian actors.
Schumann is also member of Directors UK, the professional association for British film and television directors.