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Freelance videographer-producer-editor creates documentary, entertainment, educational and journalistic multi-media works. Member of ArlingtonMedia.org, DCTVonline.tv, theWALA.org, tivaDC.org, WIFV.org, Recreation: bicycling, clarinet and piano. Is a “Friend of the Library” promoting awareness of public library services, DCPL Adaptive Services participant, member of the ALA.org. Special interest: Cognition and Cybernetics.

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  1. This documentry footage is part of a larger project on "Transportation Users and Facilities," URL: transportation.washdc4id.net
  2. Great Zots! This clip is F A R too short with very limited content. Note to self: Preview, document content in "info" block of video, then choose to upload or not. ;-) Production Work Processes are necessary. Yup.