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  1. The Best Indie Filmmakers

    by justinsuperstar joined

    25.4K Videos / 9,691 Members

    The best short films and filmmakers on Vimeo. PLEASE VISIT: www.onlinevideocontests.com Find awesome video contests that are happening on the internet. www.filmfights.com Challenge other…



    51 Videos / 659 Members

    A group for short horror films on vimeo. Watch, get inspired, make a horror short and share with us!!! Make sure that the video you want to share with us is: * No animation. * No Music Video. *…

  3. Horror Movies (by desperatezombie.com)

    by Desperate Zombie joined

    661 Videos / 447 Members

    All about horror movies ! Vidéos liées au cinéma horrifique, où tout autres vidéos liées de près ou de loin à cet univers magnifiquement macabre…

  4. Horror/Thriller Movies

    by Rob Krauss joined

    2,514 Videos / 1,844 Members

    A place for vimeans to post horror or thriller movies they like or created! Lets use this as a forum for constructive criticism on our works, discussions of techniques to improve suspense or to just…

  5. Cinebarre Short Films

    by Vanessa Rankin joined

    4,800 Videos / 2,354 Members

    find us on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Cinebarre ***BY SUBMITTING TO THIS GROUP, YOU AGREE TO HAVE YOUR FILM SCREENED AT OUR THEATERS. *** This is THE place to be if you want your short…

  6. Post Apocalyptic

    by Matej Srepfler joined

    80 Videos / 66 Members

    Quiet Earth is dedicated to post apocalyptic movies, books, and jericho, with a little helping of scifi and fantasy. Our main aim is to bring the PA genre mainstream since it's really been under…

  7. Digital Nasties

    by Digital Nasties joined

    9 Videos / 10 Members

    This is the group page of Digital Nasties, where members of Digital Nasties can upload there own videos and browse others.

  8. The end is nigh: Weekend Challenge

    by Philip Bloom joined

    20 Videos / 81 Members

    Make a short film about the end of the world. Make it what you want. Zombie apocalypse. How you would spend your last day. Crazy bulk buying in your local supermarket. Make it fun, make it scary,…

  9. Z0mb13 4p0c0lyp5e

    by Michael Barr joined

    20 Videos / 13 Members

    (zombie apocolypse) a group for ppl who love zombie films and like zombies

  10. Lost Zombies

    by Skot Leach joined

    51 Videos / 20 Members

    Lost Zombies is a video project with the goal of creating a community generated zombie mock-documentary. We have a website dedicated to this project, www.lostzombies.com, however we want to create…

  11. Zombie

    by Ludmila Noe joined

    86 Videos / 73 Members


  12. Zombies!

    by Renerd.com joined

    55 Videos / 39 Members

    Watch zombies do stuff!

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