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We first invited hackers to push the Nokia N900 to its limits. Now we've produced those hacks into working prototypes that push kite aerial photography, skateboarding and snowboarding. Get in touch!

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  1. Nokia HD
  2. Stephen Agnew
  3. JP Zuviate
  4. Stewart Game
  5. Tommi Vainionpaa
  6. Patrick Lawler
  7. PIX IN MOTION by Leo Bar
  8. BranitFX
  9. Salazar
  10. John Thompson
  11. Ian Pfaff
  12. Jr.canest
  13. KORB
  14. Vuk Banovic
  15. Arjen Klaverstijn
  16. Lizzie Oxby
  17. Motion Fighters
  18. Ryan Lightbourn

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