Anna Puhakka

Helsinki, Finland

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I am an interdisciplinary Finnish artist and writer whose work explores my relationship to identity, religion, ritual and the balance of power. I am committed to making conceptual work in any medium that best represents the idea and do not limit myself to working in the white cube. My practice incorporates an array of mediums such as installation, performance, video, photography, sound and text through which I create atmospheres for the viewers to experience.

In my practice I use labour as a meditative process to create atmosphere. This can involve physically making, moving material, singing, reading, researching, writing or sitting quietly. Through these processes I develop ways to concentrate my thoughts and produce work, which enables me to interrogate my areas of interest.

In January 2011, I moved back to my native Finland after almost a decade abroad and founded HESA inprint, a creative blog and magazine with two great friends. For the past six months i have been creating work towards two solo exhibitions to take place in 2012. In my current work I am exploring the visibility of ancient Karelian folklore,customs, stories, songs today.

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