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London, England

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Natalia Andreadis studied filmmaking at the University of Kent, la Sorbonne in Paris and New York University, and has both a BA(Hons) and an MA in Film.
Before starting her directing career, Natalia worked for award-winning producers Dan Halsted (‘Virgin Suicides’, 'Garden State') and Stephen Woolley (‘How to Lose Friends and Alienate People’).
Her short film debut, ‘Without’, entered festival markets in 2009, winning three awards including Best Short Film at the Milan International Film Festival. It was distributed as a pre-feature short film in over 150 cinemas in 2010.
In 2011, Natalia was made a collaborating director on Ridley Scott's documentary, "Life in a Day". Having won three more awards for her short film "A Doll's Life", Natalia is currently writing her first feature.


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