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New York, NY

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James O'Brien‘s fiction and poetry appear most recently in The Newer York (January 2013), Commas and Colons (October 2012), and Titular Journal (September 2012). New work is forthcoming in Space and Time. In 2012, his poem 'first they get distracted' was a finalist in the Gregory O'Donoghue International Poetry prize.

O’Brien holds a Ph.D. from the Editorial Institute at Boston University, where he researched Bob Dylan's other-than-song writings. O'Brien has presented on Dylan's poetry, as well as Dylan in film, in the U.S., the UK, and Canada. He is engaged in research for Oxford University Press, the Cambridge Historical Society, and other organizations.

O’Brien is a Ph.D. candidate at the Editorial Institute at Boston University, researching Bob Dylan's non-song writings — focusing on unpublished works and those writings given only limited distribution. He is a correspondent for The Boston Globe, The Consumer Chronicle, and Boston University's Research magazine. He blogs for numerous clients on topics that include: social media, technology, marketing, and design. In collaboration with Ray Carney, O'Brien is writing an annotated bibliography of works about the filmmaker John Cassevetes for Oxford University Press: Oxford Bibliographies Online.

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