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Quickly rising to the top of the underground hip-hop scene, Johns Doe Main has become a premier documentary program for audiences. With its signature gritty cinematography and exclusive interviews, Johns Doe Main, created and directed by critically acclaimed filmmaker John Doe, focuses on all the elements of Hip-Hop by returning the culture to its origins of social commentary. Along the way Johns Doe Main has discussed the issues orbiting hip-hop and the world with a variety of guests that have included Lil Wayne to Immortal Technique. Doe began his hip-hop career as a break dancer and rapper, but as the culture expanded he fell in love with hip-hops journalism. Aspiring to interview, direct, produce and write new programming for a new generation of viewers and listeners, Doe committed himself to filmmaking. In 2008, Doe released Hip Hop: Dead or Alive to a national audience that gained critical acclaim with its in-depth critique on the state of the industry and culture

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