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Weed, California

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Mobius Megatar makes unique musical instruments. They're similar to an electric guitar or bass, except that they have a wide neck on which are mounted six bass strings and also six melody strings.

However, it is not necessary to pick, or pluck, or strum these strings. To sound a note, you merely touch the string to a fret. Hold it there to sustain the note, and let it go when you want the note to end.

Since you do not need to pick or strum the strings, you can actually play with both hands at the same time. Kind of like playing piano, but in this case it's playing both bass and guitar at the same time.

Oddly, with our new learning method, it is easier to learn to play this instrument than to learn to play normal guitar or piano.

On our website at you can view other videos and hear song by musicians all around the world, playing many different styles of music on this unique instrument.

If you are a musician -- or if you *want* to become a musician -- we also offer a newsletter. It's free. And with the newsletter, we will provide a downloaded copy of our revolutionary new method book that shows just how easy it can be to learn to play music with the new 'Easy Touch-Style Method.'

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