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Video has an incredible ability to entertain, inspire, inform, and educate. As a video producer, director, photographer, and editor I use video to achieve these goals. From musicians trying to entertain their fans or make new ones, to non-profits spreading their message, to business aiming to increase their market share and building their brand, and to individuals who need to speak to a larger audience I have the expertise, versatility, and innovation to help your company reach those goals.

I have spent untold hours learning the intricacies of Final Cut Studio and Adobe CS4, studied video photography, lighting, and audio recording. Coupled with my Bachelors degree in Communication Studies and Masters in Management from Colorado State University I bring a versatile skill set to video production. Take a look at my videos and you will see my skills at work. From producing documentaries, to creating promotional videos, to directing television programs, and to writing, shooting and producing corporate videos I aim to teach, inspire, inform, and entertain. Please contact me at for more.

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