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In 1929 a young pastor with a heart for people struggling with life on the street, opened a soup kitchen. With the support of his wife and a concerned community, they daily served a simple meal to hundreds.

Since that time Hope Mission has continued to care for impoverished and destitute people in our community.

Today we provide basic and emergency care as well as counsel and referral services, for men, women, and youth. (On any given day we will feed and shelter over 600 people.) We also offer specialized care and treatment through faith-based addiction treatment programs. We run a program called Rapid Exit—working closely with landlords, we place homeless people directly into apartments and provide them subsequent support. We hold summer camps for inner-city children and young people and operate a year round Youth Sports Centre. As well, we care for elementary children through an after school recreation and hot meal program. And we operate a Ministry Van (a retooled ambulance) to care for people in crisis on the street.

Hope Mission continues to reach out to the inner city community through special seasonal meals and events and personal contact. Our counsellors, chaplains and volunteers, visit people on the street, in prisons, hospitals, and other agencies.

In all, our desire is to provide compassionate care, and offer hope to hurting, hungry and homeless people in Edmonton.

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