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My name is Gerardo Ochoa
I am a visual effects artist specialized in dynamic simulation, I worked for various commercial and film features, For Argentina, Spain, Brazil, Colombia.
I Worked for the Mill in Argentina as Lead Fx TD vimeo.com/145155350
Positive attitude with willingness to work in a team versatility and ability to adapt and identify project requirements, organizational skills and attention to detail.
Advanced experience with Houdini (Flip, Rigid body, Pyro, Mantra)
Experience with Maya ( ncloth, nparticles, fluids) and Arnold render which I have used extensively in the film's Oscar-winning director Juan Jose Campanella, Underdogs. imdb.com/title/tt1634003/

Intermediate knowledge of Python and PyQt.
Experience in Nuke

Here you can see my updated resume and recommendations:linkedin.com/in/ochoagerardofidel

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