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The independent Dutch Doc Photo Foundation organizes a Documentary Photography prize, exhibition and debate about documentary photography and is being supported by the Mondriaan Foundation.

The Dutch Doc Award is the biggest prize for Documentary Photography in Holland, from journalism to conceptual photography. The prize, which is €20.000,- euros, was first awarded to Jeroen Kramer in 2010, for his project Room 103 which he completed in 2009.

The Dutch Doc Award is an initiative of the temporary intendant Documentary Photography of the Dutch fund for visual arts, desig and architecture (Fonds BKVB) and FOTODOK, an initiative from the city of Utrecht for Documentary Photography. The purpose of the incentive fund was to strengthen the infrastructure and internationalization of the sector, to support and raise awareness for the work of Dutch documentary photographers internationally.
By declining circulation figures of newspapers and magazines, the old market for documentary photography, documentary photographers had and have to reinvent their profession. A new generation is doing that by taking the initiatave, looking for different ways of funding through collaborations (with other disciplines) and to find new platforms to tell their stories.
The Dutch Doc Photo Foundation’s goals are: to bring attention to the Dutch documentary photography, in an international context, to stimulate innovation and give documentary photographers a platform to show their work to the world and to be a platform where documentary photography can be discussed.

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