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Howl Baby Howl is Silas Tinglef (dr., voc) and Jeppe Brix (vocal, guitar) and they are a duo from Copenhagen. Had the release of their debut album "There's No Team In Fuck You" in february 2009 on the danish lo fi label Lolita Industri. The album was recorded with love and distortion in three days at Studio 73 by Johan Lei Gellet. All the songs where recorded as 1st takes. The record is also featuring Jarno Varsted on harp and Anders Christensen on bassguitar. The record is for sale on Itunes and in selected vinyl shops in Copenhagen. Our new album "Now The World Belongs To Us" will hit the streets of Denmark on September 20! So run out and buy it!! OR go to You can also hear the 1st single "You Know That i Would" on danish radio P3. We are now planning some shows in the fall in DK, so stay tuned!

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