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I am an Architect and Urban designer. After graduating with the award of commendation from Bartlett School of Architecture,London, I joined Arup Associates in 2010 as an Urban Designer. Before, i worked as an Architect in offices such as the IDS/USA and VAP Architects in Greece.

My interest in Urban Design emerged out of my thesis that dealt with three urban regeneration projects, for Manchester, Portsmouth and London. The main focus was on Void conditions in the urban fabric and how to redefine the character of deprived areas that were inactive due to barriers (transport hubs and railway lines or their under decline industrial character).

At the moment i am intrigued by Landscape Architecture and the direct implications of generating public space design from the context of each and every site. I am mostly interested in working for design proposals for the public realm.

Architecture, Urban Design, Masterplanning, Landscape Architecture


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