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As a creative out going individual, I like to create and maintain a high creative standard of work. Transforming creative ideas into highly effective campaigns/projects or film. Graduate in Digital Animation with video production.

Enjoy running with rundem crew, practising Martial Arts, currently training in Ninjutsu and Muay Thai Boxing,Also like to socialise with friends and family and keep up to date with new techniques in regards to video & Animation
I'm very proficient in Final Cut Pro/compressor/After Effects/Autodesk Maya/Cinema 4D  

With good people skills and creative techniques and experience also with a thirst to learn and progress, I feel I can make a positive step forward in any direction.


  1. Bujinkan London
  2. GFXRTist
  3. Ben Sayer
  4. tom haugomat & bruno mangyoku
  5. WeAreHQ TV
  6. MayerHawthorne
  7. PP
  8. Jhené Aiko
  9. christopher francis ocean
  11. Lance Masina
  12. moony
  13. Plug Research
  14. Glug
  15. Academy Plus (A+)
  16. John Pilger
  17. Greg Solenström
  18. CCE

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