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After 14 years in the DJ industry, DJ Shades has become one of the most sought after DJ's and The biggest DJ you never heard of. His mixes can be heard on various radio stations in the United States and Germany, Not to mention The U.K., Denmark, Switzerland, Russia, and Japan. DJ Shades Calls Pennsylvania, United States Home. DJ Shades left the DJ business in June of 2010 and started his own production studio named "Shades Studios" . He will still release mashup and remix tracks to the public, but will no longer do shows or nightclubs. DJ Shades has no genre boundries nor does he have era boundries. His mixes are one of a kind and they are free to all. Join this page if you love to hear music "toyed" with, if you want to hear something very different, and especially if you want to REMIX YOUR MIND....

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