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The original soundtrack of the greatest Balkan fêtes! Sound and image... Cast : some of the best traditional musicians in the Balkans - Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Rumania and Turkey - without forgetting the influence of the tsigane soul. Shot 1: black-and-white evocation of all the nostalgia of a fanfare where the kaval, the tapan and the soubassophone fight it out with the clarinet, the saxophone, the trumpet and the accordion. Shot 2: dancers, wrapped up in the sounds from all over the Balkans, in a colourful ball. Coming from all countries, real and imaginary, in this Europe where music is a festive occasion, the artists of the Ha•douti Orkestar form a mixed, original fanfare led by a dancer with the memory of voyage in her steps. And the fact that the most popular rhythms combine with the most intricate of melodies and jazz inspirations only enriches this scenario, in which enthusiasts and the curious will rediscover the Balkans of our dreams.

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