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In a cluttered world of Advertising, brands are turning to brand activation as a way to stand out of the crowd. Pacshot is a brand activation agency located in Berytech Technological Pole; which was founded by George Koueik who has over 10 years of experience in the Design and Advertising fields.

Pacshot finds innovative approach to visuals and content for the most ultimate brand experience.We will help your brand stand out in the midst of clutter.
We will AD value to your brand through:
3D Animation,Motion Design,Tv Ads,Promotional Web Videos,Print Ads,Digital Illustration,Mascot Creation,Broadcast Design,Packaging Design,Web Design,Graphic Management,Photography,Mobile Apps.

We have worked for well-known brands.Our clients have a preference towards Pacshot’s distinct services based on trust, good relationship,value realization, benefit and effectiveness.
Pacshot has covered the following market categories:Luxury & Jewelry,Television & Media,Online Magazine,Sports,Restaurant,Water & Wine.

Pacshot strives to help brands build up and enhance their image visually, outstandingly.

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