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I was born in Colorado and lived my first 11 yrs. on different military bases in Ohio, Massachusetts, England, Germany, and California, as my dad was in the USAF.
In 1969 we moved to New Mexico and that is where I finished growing up and did Jr. High, high school and college. I came to know Jesus Christ as my Savior in the summer of 1976, after graduating from high school and just a few weeks before starting college when I read a New Testament that had been given out by the Gideons at my high school.
When I graduated from the university in 1981, with a double major in Hist. and geography, I was helping to teach the 8-10 yr. old Sunday school and the church encouraged me to become a missionary. I went to Dallas Theological seminary to get some Bible training and in 1987 came to Spain to help the Evangelical churches here.
I met my wife here and have now served for 23 years. God has been very good to me. we've been married for 21 yrs. and have 2 wonderful children. I've been able to help many Spaniards with spiritual and social needs.
Since 2003 I have been volunteering as a professor at the Centro Teologico Al-Andalus, a Bible College in Santiponce, near the city of Seville. It is a joy to teach the Bible, Theology, Church History, Ethics, and help to better train Spanish Christians to serve in their churches and to reach out to the secular Spanish society.
I joined the Vimeo website to see the videos of Paul Washer in Spain when he came to speak at a youth retreat that our federation of churches organized. I believe that his teaching is very biblical and a valuable perspective on what needs to be proclaimed to everyone, both in and outside of the church.


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