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I am a filmmaker going Full Sail University. I love to write interesting screenplays. They grab people in ways that have never been done, but it depends. I want to give the audience something new. When i direct i focus on the whole picture. The story, the shots, the lines, the thrill of being on set and making something that shall stand forever. Directing talent to be anything you want is the most rewarding, and amazing feeling you can have. It takes a lot of work, but anything is possible when comes down to making a film. Acting something that can let anybody in the world break from anything. You change to entertain, to enjoy that you are not yourself, it is a powerful feeling that people shall never forget, because it is filmed as history. Panning to the left while the bird flies by the bay, is a capture that shall be never forgotten. That's what i feel when i am a camera operator. You can catch anything at the right moment. All i have to say everyday is, Capture Now.


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