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i muck around with light and colour and sound.

i've been a photographer for a long time, but started getting restless in the stillness. thus, recently took the plunge into moving photos. in actuality: no big deal. i've been told my video work looks an awful lot like my photography, 'cept in motion. works for me!

in a nutshell: i'm a multi-media artist. i need art to be accessible. it shouldn't be too far away, too estranged from my past/present/future realities. i am also practicing not having to be 'about something' while creating... takes the pressure off, and making for the sake of making, as an outlet/release/form of self-expression THAT is what i love about art. i believe engaging in personal art practice is, in many cases, an act of self-love and overall self-care.

i have been mustering up the courage to start painting again.