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Michael, a commissioned photographer to both the
Arts Council, and the Heritage Council of Ireland is a director—and internationally recognised for his contemporary image-making. Notably, his work for the Arts Council of Ireland—which is in capturing photographs of festivals in 'Real-Time' for their image-bank—in turn—providing imagery to the council's annual report (covers & content), website, pamphlets, and their national—and international editorials.

Michael's first notable commission was in 1987, making all photographic transparencies for an AV show at one of Ireland's premier heritage sites—Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin. This was an unprecedented external OPW commission—and contributed to establishing his reputation as an art photographer—along with his 'Arts Council' work—which began in 2001, and continues today. In 2008, Michael was given a substantial commission by the Heritage Council of Ireland via UCD, as 'photographic artist' on the "Placing Voices—Voicing Places" project.

His limited-edition photographs form part of collections throughout Ireland, and Europe—and are also in private homes, businesses, and corporations.

As an innovator in HD equipped DSLR use, and using
a state-of-the-art Canon 5D Mark II, HD DSLR—and large-format view cameras, Michael has fulfilled Europe-wide HD video commissions—and his commitment to HD filmmaking has led to regular assignments as on-set movie-stills photographer, and cinematographer.

Born in Ireland, Michael's interest in photography began at age 12, capturing sunsets with his Kodak 126 camera. He soon progressed to a 35mm SLR gifted to him by his older brother, and at 18—began his career working freelance—and making art images in his own time, while working the PR circuit at night. By his mid-20's, Michael had established himself as a forward-thinking image-maker with commissions from important national bodies—and also quite a bit of aerial work under his belt. In 1996 he segued into magazine publishing for 7 years, where he made his mark until 2001, when he returned to photography—full-time.

Since then, Michael has travelled the world—photographing people, and places—making commissioned images of many well-known artistes from the actor—'John Mahoney' of Frasier, and the revered flamenco dancer—'Compania Maria Pages'—to the grand daughter, and great grandson of 'Georges Méliès', the great pioneer of modern cinema.

He has seen his commissioned, and non-commissioned, work published in all formats from the web to TV—to book covers—even on limited-edition cookie packaging.

He currently resides in Dublin—Ireland.

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