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Leeds, UK

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Filmmaker and Musician

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  1. Also, it doesn't happen every time. Maybe 50-80% though.
  2. https://vimeo.com/34328023 ...it happens on most videos - it happens on other computers on other connections. It's not unique to this video, nor my computer or connection.
  3. Can you please post the URL on our *Help* forum so we can investigate? Thank you. http://vimeo.com/help/forum
  4. Not all, but very often, either due one's internet occasionally being slightly too slow when streaming, vimeo's video player, when pressing play the first time the page loads up cuts off a small amount at the beginning. This might not sound that…
  5. Hi Okorie, I'm a composer from Leeds. I don't normally work for free but am willing to do so for the odd short that looks like it has potential. Check out my samplereels and previous work at jackrbenson.com for more information. Contact details…
  6. Composer based in the UK. Capable of writing in most genres. Contact jack@jackrbenson.com or go to: jackrbenson.com
  7. Freelance Composer - check jackrbenson.com for more info Recent Work - South African short 'INCOHERENT' vimeo.com/​25270591 t: 07790 145 715 e: jack@jackrbenson.com