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Craig Lieberman is the owner of ImaginateMEDIA, a small, independent production company that focuses on filming, editing and producing content for the web space.

Lieberman has a Bachelor's in Marketing has served in a wide range of roles starting in 1983. He's served as a Racing Series Director, Magazine Editor and Publisher, Motion Picture Consultant. TV series Executive Producer and has served companies like Universal Pictures, Racing Champions, Petersen Publishing, Meguiar's, Valvoline, Eibach, MagnaFlow, SEMA, thinkAlchemy and many others.

Around 1999, Lieberman entered the motion picture business by providing technical consultation services to automotive based movies by Universal and Disney then went on to serve as a marketing consultant for these companies' digital marketing efforts.

About the same time, he made the switch from his photography hobby to video and by 2007, the changeover was completed. Since then, he's been adding people to his team, upgrading his equipment and growing his client base.

By this time, he had established a network of videographers around the country, each with incredible reputations for quality but with one key element: focus on keeping costs low.

Today, his insomnia is well served by his insatiable desire to constantly create.