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London, UK

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Alan Chapman is a spiritual teacher and co-founder of the Open Enlightenment project, which is dedicated to the honest and down-to-earth discussion of the very real and natural human phenomenon known as enlightenment.

For a quick overview of enlightenment and its historical significance, you can read our free ebook:

In the past we’ve used the blog as a means of exploring and developing our personal views of awakening; in the future, we hope to use the site as a launch pad to publish books, deliver courses and provide further free public resources, such as the 'Ask Alan' videos presented here.

If you find anything of value in these videos or on the site, or if you would like to support the Open Enlightenment project, please make a donation:

Without your generosity, this project wouldn’t be here!

Open Enlightenment was founded in 2009 by Alan Chapman and Duncan Barford.

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