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  1. Brian Emerick

    Brian Emerick Plus San Francisco, CA


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    A production company.

  2. Anthony Sabatino

    Anthony Sabatino Plus Los Angeles


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    DIRECTOR | CINEMATOGRAPHER | "Do what you love. Settle for nothing less." Received his Bachelors Degree in cinema production at SFSU in Spring 2011. Currently in post-production with his feature documentary debut titled, "A Marvelous Era." Contact: thesabofilms@gmail.com

  3. Toshihiro Karuishi

    Toshihiro Karuishi San Francisco, California


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    Hi, my name is Toshihiro Karuishi, a filmmaker based in San Francisco. I also do freelance gigs so if you need a camera operator, please let me know. You can contact me at toshihirokaruishi@gmail.com Twitter: twitter.com/​toshikaruishi

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