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Adam is an award winning television and film director living in London. He has been making films since he acquired his first film camera when he 14 years old. In 1997 he moved to London to study BA Film and Television Arts at the University of Westminster, specialising in directing and graduating in 2000. His graduation film ‘Angel Cake’ which was shot in his hometown in West Yorkshire went on to find success at various international film festivals . Having gained attention from the industry, Adam quickly became a professional director working initially in music videos and commercials and then progressed into television.

Over the past 10 years Adam and has made a wide variety of popular, award-winning shows for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4. In that time he has been responsible for directing over 100 hours of screen time and over 25 million pounds worth of content. Adam recently directed his first feature film BLACKWOOD which premiered at the 2013 BFI London Film Festival.

In 2009 Adam directed the short film ROAR for Wildcard Films, starring Russell Tovey and Jodie Whittaker. The film has since won major awards at the prestigious Aspen and Rhode Island Film Festivals and has helped secure his signing with the Hollywood talent agency William Morris Endeavour.

In 2010 Adam directed a follow-up short film called FIRST TIME. The film was given a National theatrical release alongside Nicholas Cage's 'The Bad Lieutenant'. In 2011 Adam was profiled as a Star of Tomorrow in Screen Daily. Adam is now working on his follow up feature with his collaborators at Wildcard Films.

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