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Hey! I'm an independent writer, producer, director, shooter, and editor who is an anomaly in the production world... the projects I love working on most are usually designed, at least in part, to inspire people who watch to go out and do something instead of live their life through what they see on TV or their computer. I believe storytelling through images and sound is one of our highest art forms, and when used in a positive way it can enrich our lives. But I also believe that people get sucked into TV and videos so easily that it can be a huge detriment. I hope to continue growing as an artist and to keep using the power of film and video to push people outside of the their comfort zones, and to live a life full of direct, not mediated, experience.

I've worked regularly since 2004 for clients ranging from major sports teams to huge tech firms to small companies that want creative video marketing on a smaller budget. Every project I work on is fun and challenging in its own way, and I love the idea of creating something that wouldn't exist if I hadn't thought of the concept and executed it and brought it to life, and I hope to continue exploring the world through my work.


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