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Water is an essential requirement for life. In the vast panorama of the World Wide Web, there is a lot of scattered information about water: distribution, availability, quantity and quality, as well as technical, educational, cultural, and scientific information.
The purpose and power of the Web is to provide access to information: an immense amount of common knowledge ready to be provided and accessed on-line. From this concept, we decided to create a focused community called the "Water Wide Web", where all water related information could be united on one unique platform and become a landmark for anyone who wanted to further his/her own knowledge about water. Our goal is to become a non-profit project that fosters social responsibility. For now, we are a group of diverse people, all passionate about water related matters, with the desire to share this information with you and reach a long term objective .
As global responsibility for water related issues becomes critical, we want to be the source for capturing the most information on the subject.
There are many interesting initiatives about water, so we asked ourselves: how much do I know? Do I know how natural or human-induced changes to water affect our lives as well as those of the plants and animals that also depend upon it for their existence? Management of water resources is vital ; basic information is needed so that it can be applied wisely. What if the quality of our water deteriorates and we can no longer use it for a desired purpose, or what if a dam is built across our favorite river or stream, changing its characteristics?
Our task is to be your editorial intermediary for the water universe: we wish to make public opinion aware of water issues in our lives, day to day. We want to collect and share content about global water-related problems, as well as group the information about the universe that surrounds this issue.
We are made 80% of water so, caring about water means caring about each and everyone of us, If you agree, then you have come to the right place. On the Worldwide Water Web You will find many interesting topics, some science related, others only instructive, with some nice images about water related art, sports and other topics. We are your water network and we invite your participation, so let's keep in touch!
If you have any kind of questions, or wish to participate in our venture, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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