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Blake Brewer is an award-winning director and producer from Memphis, TN. Soon after serving four years in the United States Air Force, Brewer graduated from the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, where he studied at the Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film and Television as well as Europe’s oldest and most prestigious film school, the Film and Television School of Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU.)

During his time overseas, Brewer directed his first award winning film “Zlodej,” a short film shot entirely in Prague with a complete Czech cast. Since his return to the states Brewer has written, directed and produced a number of films, TV pilots and music videos that have screened at many film festivals around the world. His most recent works include "Kensho at the Bedfellow" a hero's journey that explores the meaning of life fulfillment, “Dark Shield” a tension filled cop thriller, “Bob and Me” an emotional heartfelt drama and “Last Round” a terrifying, post-apocalyptic invasion horror.

Blake has had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest networks in the world including NBC, HBO, and Lionsgate. His broad range of work experience includes working on Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon


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