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Ivan Henriques is a transdisciplinary artist and researcher working in multimedia installations examining different perceptions of time, memory and environment. He explores in his works hybrids of nature and (technological) culture creating new forms of communication between humans and other living organisms. He considers nature as inspiration and a necessary factor in the development of the technological world. Ivan launched EME>> (Estúdio Móvel Experimental) – Experimental Mobile Studio - a mobile residency program funded by the Secretaria de Cultura do Estado do Rio de Janeiro in 2008/2009, financed by Conexões Artes Visuais (Funarte) having four more residencies in 2010 and supported by Mondriaan Fonds in 2012. He also has been leading the multi-disciplinary group Hybrid Formas Between Nature and Technology with students from the Technological University in Rio (CEFET/RJ). Lately he exhibited his works internationally, participating in festivals, residencies, talks and exhibitions. In 2013 he was invited to Pixelache Festival in Helsinki-Tallinn (FI) and exhibition Ars Electronica Berlin (DE) for the exhibition Wie eine zweite Natur and to showcase his works at the Estate University of Santa Catarina (BR). In 2012 he was nominated for the Genomic Awards 2012 - DA4GA (NL), invited to exhibit Jurema Action Plant at Artbots in Gent (BE), exhibition Nature Now at CBK Drenthe (NL), Salone Internazionale de Milano (IT), ISEA RUHR 2010 in Dortmund (DE) and screened the video ReLandscaping at FILE- SP 2010 (BR) amongst other exhibitions and festivals. He participated in talks and residency programs such as V2_ in Rotterdam NL and Verbeke Foundation, BE, 2011/12; Talk at CIGAC 2012 – Paraiba (BR) and Hip3rorgânicos in Rio de Janeiro (BR). Henriques holds an MA in ArtScience Interfaculty at the Royal Academy of Arts and Royal Conservatoire of Music, The Hague /NL (2009-2011), represented by Verbeke Gallery and also member of TRANSNATURAL.