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Auddie is an electronic music producer and performer, in the techno scene since the early nineties under several pseudonyms (stalker, skarlet, pantech (with laura ingals), auddie).

He's based in Berlin, and signed on the russian / french label: fullpanda.

He works on different narrative mediums such as literature, song writing, techno, video, and other alternative music formats (xp, ambient, sonic poetry). He's also producing for other artists.

Founder of the label f4 disques and the french publishing company: Editions f4.

He started his carreer in the french rave scene in 1996 under the name "stalker" (darkbeats, hard techno, breakcore, polyrythms).

(the f4 writing platform, including modern poetry, articles & novels, in french, english and german)
(the music & book store)

some demos & previews:

a brief discography:

Member of the duo electro band: "Pantech", with Laura Ingalls (the horses).

Member of various techno collectives in the 90' (infrabass, impakt-teknocrates, furious, banditos, samboat, cinetic, heretik).

Musical collaborations with: fleck, laura ingalls, signal electrique, tzii, gelstat, christophe rodomisto, beuns, the horses, suspect, dasha rush, judith jopien, Le Crut.

Producer of the f4 sonic poetry album, released in 2012.
Poetic collaborations with : bissecta, marie-agnès michel, arthur-louis cingalte, paul sunderland, manuel montero, cécile delalandre, rip, luise steuckart.

Sound design & video collaboration with : luise steuckart.

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